Today I went somewhere beautiful, to a place

by rochelleswritings

Today I went somewhere beautiful, to a place where people and animals and plants are nurtured and allowed to thrive as they were made to. I saw happy cows, sheep, and chickens living contentedly in ways they were made to live. I saw cabbages, spinach, tomato plants, pepper plants, and pea plants, growing beautifully and without poisons. I heard about solar energy, about beekeeping, and about gardening. I saw people enjoying these things, being nurtured themselves as they nurtured the good things of the earth. Experiencing these things and seeing many others also show up to experience them also felt amazing. I wish for a world where such things are ordinary. I want to be a part of making our world one like that. I’m thankful to live in the opportunity for doing so. God created a beautiful world, and we’ve messed up many things–but the chance to change things is also His gift!

What matters to you in this world? What are you doing to bring change where change is needed?